GDPR Feasibility and Algorithmic Non-Statutory Discrimination

05/11/2023 | Lettura della settimana

Automation has proven to be capable of producing extremely positive results in terms of increased efficiency and speed in decision-making, but it often conceals the risk of discrimination. Discriminatory practices may affect new types of groups, identified through inferential association, that do not correspond to historically protected grounds. Where the anti-discrimination law does not reach, the data protection law may. Based on an analytical examination of the legal provisions and a comparison with the positions of legal scholars and the European Court of Justice case-law, the study examines whether the GDPR provides effective tools to counter algorithmic discriminations based on unprotected attributes.

Editore: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, Napoli

Autore: Alfio Guido Grasso

ISBN: 9788849552492

Pagine: 136

Anno di pubblicazione: 2023