Child Labour and Human Rights: Making Children Matter

01/11/2020 | Lettura della settimana

The International Labour Organization estimated in 2000 that, of the approximately 246 million children engaged in labor worldwide, 171 million were working in situations harmful to their development. Child Labor and Human Rights provides a comprehensive overview of the phenomenon of child labor from a human rights perspective.
The authors consider the connections between human rights and abusive child labor, the pros and cons of a rights-based approach to the problem, and specific strategies for effecting change. They make an indispensable contribution to the growing effort to abolish abusive and exploitive child labor practices.

Editore: Lynne Rienner, London
A cura di Burns H. Weston
ISBN: 978-1-58826-349-0, 978-1-58826-324-7
ISBN EBOOK: 978-1-62637-612-0
Pagine: 568 
Anno di pubblicazione 2005