Geographies of Digital Exclusion. Data and Inequality

01/01/2023 | Lettura della settimana

Today’s urban environments are layered with data and algorithms that fundamentally shape how we perceive and move through space. But are our digitally dense environments continuing to amplify inequalities rather than alleviate them? This book looks at the key contours of information inequality, and who, what and where gets left out.

Platforms like Google Maps and Wikipedia have become important gateways to understanding the world, and yet they are characterised by significant gaps and biases, often driven by processes of exclusion. As a result, their digital augmentations tend to be refractions rather than reflections: they highlight only some facets of the world at the expense of others.

This doesn’t mean that more equitable futures aren’t possible. By outlining the mechanisms through which our digital and material worlds intersect, the authors conclude with a roadmap for what alternative digital geographies might look like.

Editore: Pluto Press, London

Autori: Mark Graham, Martin Dittus

Paperback ISBN: 9780745340180
eBook ISBN: 9781786807427

Pagine: 208

Anno di pubblicazione: 2022